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Rapala Jigging Rap 2cm

Code: 927046
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Originally designed for vertical jigging presentations, the Jigging Rap had proven to be a versatile all-round lure for a variety of species and situations, including cast and rip retrieve.

A solid zinc, minnow shaped body with a plastic swimming tail ensures quick sinking and fast, darting action. The body features reversed single hooks at the tail and nose and a belly treble. The line tie eyelet is at the balance point on the back.

When fished at vertical presentations with quick snaps of the rod tip, the lure will dart forward, circle and glide back and settle down and hang horizontally, ready for another dart.

For the classic vertical jigging application, let the lure dive to the bottom and lift it slightly up. Give the rod tip a quick snap up. The Jigging Rap will dart sharply forward, circle and glide back to the original position and come to a stop. Repeat for another dart. A fast cadence retrieve will make the lure swim in figure eights, a slower cadence snapping will allow the lure to stop between darts.

For a different approach, cast the Jigging Rap out and let it sink to the desired depth. Rip with the rod up to make the lure dart aggressively, let it sink and rip again. This retrieve allows fishing throughout the water column by varying the rip and stop rhythm.


Brand: Rapala
Body Length: 2 cm
Weight: 4 g
Hooks: N/A
Technique: Jigging
Model Number: W2

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