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Dear Clients,

The delivery of the goods ordered from is performed by courier company Econt Express. Very Soon you will have the opportunity to choose from a second courier company, too – Speedy.

Shipping on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria:

There are two types of addressing the shipments – “To a door” or a general delivery “To an Office”:

  • “To a door” - you specify a particular address, which will be convenient for you to meet the courier at, to accept the package and to pay the amount due to the courier. The address may be home or officiary, it depends on your convenience. You can order that the goods arrive to the address of the hotel in which you will stay during your vacation.

Important: All orders delivered by have an included option that "the shipment has to be reviewed by the recipient who pays the cash on delivery only if the stock is accepted". When choosing the delivery address, please have this in mind in order to provide yourself the convenience to review the goods.

Download the Complete schedule of the serviced settlements in Bulgaria (840 KB PDF).

  • “To an office” - a general delivery to an office of the courier company. You can pick the shipment from an office and at time that is convenient for you. The working time of most of the Econt Express offices is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (on Saturdays – to 01:00 PM). At the disposal of our clients from Sofia-city and all clients traveling to Sofia, there is a NON-STOP WORKING OFFICE on №9 “Rezbarska Str.” in residential complex “Hadji Dimitar”. There you can receive your shipment anytime of the day-night, even after midnight!

Those of you, who actively use mobile navigation systems, can download a file, via which to save in their navigations (GPS or Smartphone) the actual and exact location of all offices of Econt Express in the country. So, in need of a fast, quality and reliable courier service you will know where the nearest to your location Econt office is, no matter where in Bulgaria you are.

International shipments

Delivery of international shipments is performed according to the tariffs and conditions of the courier company, which you can get known with here or you can use “Econt virtual office” in the right column.

Here are some of the Conditions of use of online shop, concerning the delivery of orders:

  • Discount “Free Delivery” applies only to shipments on the territory of Bulgaria, addressed “TO an OFFICE” of the courier and meeting the other rules for charging a discount. When addressing the shipment “To a door” the discount “Free Delivery” is NOT valid.
  • Orders are not sent in weekends and holidays (all official days off) except in cases when some of the servicing courier companies have explicitly declared as working days.
  • Each order from is shipped with the option that you can review and test the stock before signing that you accept the shipment and pay the amount of cash on delivery.
  • Before signing that you accept the shipment and paying the courier, make sure that the product is not damaged during the transportation and/or if the hasn’t got any integrity breach. In such a case you have to request from the courier a Protocol for a damaged shipment.
  • The expenses for returning of goods purchased from online shop are on the Client’s behalf.
  • The client is obliged to check the contents of the shipment and its compliance with the ordered goods before signing the consignment note and paying the amount due.

Tariff calculator for domestic and internatioanl courier services.