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Conditions of Use

Dear Clients,

Please read the Conditions of use carefully before using the present website.

Using the website means that you agree with and accept the present Conditions of Use described in details below.

If after getting known to them you DO NOT AGREE with these Conditions, please do not use AKVASPORT.COM!

Pressing (or clicking) any button, photo, hyperlink (link) or any object on the AKVASPORT.COM website, except the specified herein Conditions of use,  is considered as an Action on using the website and that the User is acquainted with the conditions of its use, accepts them and obliges to comply with them.

The use of AKVASPORT.COM certifies the agreement of the User with the Conditions of use, which enters into force with his first visit.

The present page contains the general Conditions of use, according to which AkvaSpot Ltd provides services to its users, by means of the Internet shop AKVASPORT.COM.

The user’s identification, aiming to reproduce his statement about accepting the Conditions of use, shall be made by the stored User's IP addresses in the log files on the server, as well as any other information.

Subject of the Conditions of Use

The present document contains the general Conditions of Use, pursuant to which AkvaSport Ltd, with headquarters and address of management: Burgas city, residential complex “Lazur”, block 77, entrance 11, filed with the Trade Company Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 102912489, provides services and products to its Users by means of the Internet shop AKVASPORT.COM. The user explicitly and unconditionally agrees with the present general conditions for using of the site, the published information and the services provided by the Internet shop.

Rules for using the Internet shop AKVASPORT.COM

As a creator and owner of the Internet site AKVASPORT.COM, AkvaSport Ltd gives you the right to load and review all the materials published on this website only for personal usage with noncommercial purpose with the proviso that you follow and comply with all copyrights and the related indications.

Modifying materials of this site in any way or coping, distributing or giving out in public, for any public or commercial purpose is not allowed. The usage of the materials published on this Internet site on other sites is forbidden. The materials on this site are under the protection of the Copyright Law and its related rights and any unauthorized usage can represent an infringement of a copyright, trademark rights or other law regulations.

Client registration

Any natural or legal person who intends to make a purchase via the Internet shop AKVASPORT.COM must fill in data into a registration form and verify its fidelity, creating in this way a customer profile.

By creating a customer profile, the registered person:

  1. Acquires an username and a password by which he/she identifies him/herself in the shop for e-commerce AKVASPORT.COM, owned by AkvaSport Ltd.
  2. Expresses agreement with the present Conditions of Use of the shop for e-commerce of AkvaSports’ Ltd.
  3. Receives the right to make valid orders for the purchase of goods offered by AKVASPORT.COM, as well as to refuse the execution of these orders in the proper way.

AkvaSport Ltd reserves the right to refuse access to the website, to terminate an user’s account, to remove or edit contents or to refuse the execution of orders at its own discretion. If an order is refused, it will be with no charge for the Client.


By ticking the box "I agree with the conditions” the client performs an electronic statement by which he/she declares that he/she is aware of the present Conditions of Use and accepts them.

Shopping procedure

When you make an order to purchase products from AkvaSport Ltd, you automatically receive an e-mail which confirms its successful forming and contains the details of the order. Any order made via the website AkvaSport Ltd represents and is considered as an offer for purchasing of a product and is a subject for consideration.

By ordering the Client is required:

1. Provide a valid delivery address and contact telephone number.

2. To validate the order by pressing the "Finalize Order".
By ticking the box "I agree to the terms and the conditions” the user expresses agreement with the present Conditions of Use.
3. After we receive a valid order you will receive an email with the following information:

a) Availability of the ordered articles (including size, color, etc.)

b) Final price of the shipment

c) Term of delivery

4. After receives the payment, the Client receives an e-mail message about the order sent by courier, which e-mail message contains the final details of the shipment: type and number of the products, shipping cost, total payment amount and the number of the consignment note.

Each validly submitted order is assigned with an unique number, and the Client receives automatically a confirmation email that it has entered into the database of AKVASPORT.COM and it is a subject of processing.

Orders with incorrectly filled in data (names, address, telephone number and e-mail) are considered invalid. Incorrectly completed data prevent from achieving contact with the Client and leads to impossibility to prepare the consignment note. In such a case, the team of AKVASPORT.COM still does everything possible to contact the Client to specify the details of the order.

Price and payment

The prices of goods are announced with VAT included.

The price announced for every single product is valid for the relevant packaging (quantity of identical items in a single package), which depends on the type of product and does not include shipping costs.

Information about the availability of the offered goods is published on Most of the products are in stock, but their quantity is constantly changing. When processing the order, we check the availability of each item and when contacting you we inform you about the potential for delivery and the terms of its fulfillment.

AKVASPORT.COM reserves the right to change the prices at any time without prior notification, as well as to correct wrong technical data and/or other parameters of the goods. Misspellings, differences in the product options of the articles and changes of the pictures are possible.

Delivery of the products

The ordered goods are being delivered by a courier company to the specified by the Client address “To a door” or general delivery “To an office” in accordance to the actual Delivery Tariffs of the relevant courier company and the present Conditions of Use.

Free Shipping applies ONLY “TO an OFFICE” of the courier company in Bulgaria. When addressing a shipment “To a door” the discount “Free Delivery” IS NOT valid. “Free Delivery” does not apply to international shipments.

Orders are not shipped in weekends and holidays (all official days off) except in cases when some of the servicing courier companies have explicitly declared as working days.

Each order is shipped with the option that you can review and test the stock before signing that you accept the shipment and before paying the amount of cash on delivery.

Before signing that you accept the shipment and paying the courier, make sure that the product is not damaged during transportation and/or the integrity of the packaging is not compromised. In this case, you have to require from the courier a Protocol for damaged shipment.

The Client is obliged to check the contents of the shipment and the compliance with the ordered goods before signing the consignment note and paying the amount due.

Term of delivery

The term of delivery depends on the availability of the goods. In most cases, when we dispose of all ordered products in stock, the shipment is made within 1-2 working days for deliveries in Bulgaria and according to the terms of delivery of the courier company for international shipments.

If the product in not on stock (especially in the cases of used-up import or insufficiently produced quantity) the term may be significantly longer.

At circumstances which lead to slowing down the implementation of the order, the Client will be informed in due time on the telephone number specified for contacts.

Reclamation and returning of goods for shipments on the territory of Bulgaria

The Client has the right to return goods purchased from Internet shop AKVASPORT.COM in the term of 7 (seven) working days from the date of receiving. The goods should not be used except for a test (functionality of the product, matching the size) and according to the conditions upon article 55 of CPA (Consumer Protection Act).

Requirements which the goods should meet upon returning:

  • A full fixation kit.
  • Original package, labels and stickers.
  • Complete set of original concomitant documentation - cash bond, invoice, warranty card, copy of the consignment note for receiving.
  • Undistorted and good commercial image of the goods and the package.

When all of the requirements are fulfilled, the Client has the right to receive back the paid amount within 30 (thirty) days period from the date of receiving the shipment. The refund of the amount is made to a bank account of the Client.

The expenses for returning of the goods are on the Client’s behalf!

IMPORTANT: When accepting the shipment from the courier it is obligatory to check the condition of the package (the transport packaging) and the contents in it! If you find any irregularities DO NOT SIGN that you accept the shipment and contact us immediately!

If you establish damage of the goods due to the transport you MUST NOT pay the cash on delivery! Inquire from the courier to constitute for you a Protocol for the damage at the moment!


AkvaSport Ltd guarantees that at the time of dispatching the product does not have any defects which lower its value or its capability for common usage.

In case of stating any deficiencies upon receiving the goods, the Client is obliged to inform immediately AkvaSport Ltd for their type and quantity.

The warranty period of every product begins from the moment of receiving the shipment.

The guarantee is not valid for defects caused by inexpedient usage of the product, overweight loading or usage contrary to the prescriptions in the guarantee card of the product.

Rights and obligations

AkvaSport Ltd is obligated to deliver the ordered goods within the agreed terms.

AkvaSport Ltd IS NOT responsible for incorrect information, provided by the manufacturer.

AkvaSport Ltd IS NOT obligated to deliver the ordered goods if the specified address or telephone number is incorrect.

AkvaSport Ltd IS NOT responsible for any delay and/or impossibility to meet its obligations upon the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of AkvaSport Ltd

The Client has the right to claim the return of the goods if there is an inconformity with the ordered size or functionality of the product.

The Client has the right to claim the return of the goods if there is an inconformity with the ordered trademark.

The Client has the right to claim the return of the goods when the price due to be paid does not respond to the agreed price.

The Client is obligated to provide a valid telephone number and address for delivery.

The Client is obligated to pay the price of the ordered goods.

The Client is obligated to pay the amount due for other expenses such as delivery, additional packaging and others according to the agreement.

The Client is obligated to provide the opportunity for receiving of the ordered goods.

The Client is obligated to receive the ordered goods.

The Client is responsible for the protection or the transmission to third party of his/her username and password, as well as for all actions made with them.

The Client is obligated to not make fictive orders, fictional reviews for a product or to submit/publish other false information.

Upon ascertained breaches of any of the above mentioned obligations of the Client, AkvaSport Ltd reserves the right to terminate his/her registration.

The Client is obligated not to infringe someone else’s material or moral rights.

To comply with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the present Conditions of Use of the Internet shop for e-commerce of AkvaSport Ltd


AkvaSport Ltd is obligated to use the personal data of the Client solely and only for the purposes foreseen in the present Conditions of Use. If the Client has declared false information, then this obligation shall be invalid.

AkvaSport Ltd is obligated not to reveal the personal data of the Client to third parties unless the Client explicitly authorized it for this or if the information has to be provided to the relevant authorities under the Bulgarian legislation.

AkvaSport Ltd is obligated to use the personal data which the Client provides only for the following purposes:

  • Processing Clients’ orders
  • Statistical purposes for improving the work of the shop
  • Administering and serving the contents of the shop
  • If the Client has granted his consent to be notified about new products and promotions that would be of interest to him.

AkvaSport Ltd reserves the right to use the IP addresses and other data of the users who have used AKVASPORT.COM for revealing their identity in cases when this is necessary for implementing the law, other legal procedures or in order to comply the present conditions.

Posting comments

AkvaSport Ltd provides the users with the opportunity to publish comments concerning the products offered by AKVASPORT.COM.

The users of AKVASPORT.COM are obligated not to publish comments or opinions which:

  • Have pornographic and/or obscene content
  • Incite to violence, ethnic or religious intolerance.
  • Undermine the prestige of AkvaSport Ltd and/or the offered by AKVASPORT.COM brands, goods and services.
  • Any other contents which violates the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

AkvaSport Ltd reserves the right to censor the published on AKVASPORT.COM comments and posts, which are in violation of the above mentioned rules.

AkvaSport Ltd is not responsible for the contents, the trueness and the origin of the comments published on AKVASPORT.COM.

AkvaSport Ltd reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities and institutions as well as to provide information about authors of comments and posts which violate the Bulgarian legislation.

With the publication of a comment or a post on AKVASPORT.COM the user confirms that he/she is acknowledged with the published in the present document Conditions of Use and that he/she accepts and undertakes to comply with them.

Pictures, illustrations and product description

The published on the website AKVASPORT.COM pictures of products are for general information purposes only.

In order to be assured that the product matches exactly his requirements, the User must carefully read the description, the specific technical characteristics and details. If this is not enough – visit the official site of the manufacturer and/or of the official importer. The user can get the most accurate and correct information by contacting an employee of AkvaSport Ltd by the phones or e-mail pointed out.

The published on AKVASPORT.COM technical data and parameters are the ones officially declared by the manufacturer.

AkvaSport Ltd is not responsible for discrepancies between the actual and the officially announced by the manufacturer technical data and functionality of the product.

AkvaSport Ltd is not responsible for any incorrect information from the manufacturer and does not pretend for exhaustiveness of the provided from him information.

AkvaSport Ltd is not responsible for incompleteness of the description of the product which DOES NOT AFFECT its general functionality.

In case of any spelling and/or technical mistakes in the description AkvaSport Ltd reserves the right to refuse the implementation of an order and does not owe any compensation to the User, except to recover amounts paid in advance and/or deposited by the User, if any.


The copyrights on any texts, materials, images, pictures, documents, database and any other information in the AKVASPORT.COM site, are property of AkvaSport Ltd. The contents on the page is protected by the “Law on Copyright and Related Rights” (LCRR). The information, the materials, the images and the texts are provided by AkvaSport Ltd as a service and the users can use them for personal informing only.

The used on the page trademarks, company names, industrial designs and other objects of intellectual property are subject to copyright and protection. Any rights which are not explicitly granted to third parties are reserved. Any copying, reproduction and usage in another way of materials or parts of materials on the page, except for personal noncommercial purposes, may be carried only after the explicit written permission of AkvaSport Ltd, with the condition that each copy of such a material must include a statement about the copyright or other rights of intellectual property.

The quoting of any information published on AKVASPORT.COM mandatory becomes through a hyperlink (link) to AKVASPORT.COM!

The copyrights on the materials published on AKVASPORT.COM are property of AkvaSport Ltd or of the creator of the material. Any unallowed usage of materials published on the site leads to distortion of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights and subjects to sanctioning.

The users have the right to review and to print excerpts from AKVASPORT.COM only for personal usage.

The names of products or companies mentioned in the contents of AKVASPORT.COM may be reserved trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. The access of the User to AKVASPORT.COM in no way should be considered as granting of license or right for use of any brand.

Legal regulation

For all unarranged issues of these Terms of Use between AkvaSport Ltd and the Client, the regulations of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be applied.

For more information:





Disagreement with the Conditions of Use

If the present Terms and Conditions do not apply in their full force the User is not allowed the access to the site AKVASPORT.COM and must immediately terminate its usage.


AkvaSport Ltd has the right to change the contents of the site AKVASPORT.COM and the present Conditions of Use at anytime, having no obligation of prior notification of the users about the changes. The amended General Terms of Use of AKVASPORT.COM are published on AKVASPORT.COM in the “Conditions of Use” section and are accessible to all users.

For any further questions, please contact us at the pointed out phone and email in the "Contact" section.

Thank you for choosing us!

Every problem will be resolved in your favor, because we cannot afford to lose you as Clients!

Copyright (c) AKVA SPORT Ltd 2005. All rights reserved!

Last actualization: July 2013