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Privacy Statement

Protection of personal data on the Internet is of particular importance for

the development of electronic communications and commerce!

That is why it is an exclusive importance for us that our clients (users) feel safe and relaxed about their security and anonymity at their actions in the global network and about the information they provide and the qualities of the goods they receive.

The site contains forms for orders which you fill out in order to purchase an offered by us product. In this way, you provide us the following information:

  • Two names
  • Shipping address
  • E-mail
  • Contact phone

We collect and use personal information to understand your needs and interests and to serve you better. In addition to the information you provide, we may also collect information during your visit to our website through our Automatic Data Collection Tools, which include Web beacons, cookies, embedded Web links, and other commonly used information-gathering tools.
The information we collect to understand your needs and interests helps us deliver a consistent and personalized experience. For example, we may use your information to

  • Assist you in completing a transaction or order
  • Communicate with you about products and services
  • Provide service and support
  • Update you on new services and benefits
  • Provide personalized promotional offers
  • Select content to be communicated to you

By publishing this document for the protection of your personal data, we declare our determination to offer a reliable and safe procedure for shipping of orders, for the purchase of goods on the Internet (e-commerce) and privacy of the users.

By creating your own profile in AkvaSport shop (registration), you can many times send orders (go shopping) just filling in your username and password (Login) in the system.

By sending an order as a GUEST (without filling in a form for a New Registration) the system also creates a profile with your data, but the procedure for finalization of the order is on one page and it seems shorter. The disadvantage of this method is that you CAN NOT use the additional features of the registered user:

  • Change of the saved personal data
  • Change and add multiple shipping addresses, according to your specific needs and convenience
  • Tracing the execution of the order and the delivery of the shipment
  • Review of previous orders (purchase history)
  • Wish List in which you save all the products interesting for you without having to search for them with every visit - check for availability, seasonal discounts and more.

By using this web site you agree with the collecting and using of the information as described in the current document. In case we decide to make changes in our policy regarding the protection of personal data, we will publish the changes on this page so that you will always be informed about what type of information we collect and how we use it.