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Discounts Policy

Dear clients,

On this page you can get known to the rules for estimating of the discounts for the different categories and brands of goods.

Some of discounts do combine between themselves and accumulate.

Every rule for a discount applies only to the relevant category and is valid only under the conditions pointed out.


FREE SHIPPING is applied ONLY to shipments which are addressed for receiving “From an Office” of the courier on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

FREE SHIPPING is NOT APPLIED to international shipments! All international shipments are delivered according to the rates (tariffs) of the courier companies!


  • 4% discount for order values over 76.70 EUR (150 BGN) + Free shipping (for Bulgaria)
  • 7% discount for order values over 127.83 EUR (250 BGN) + Free shipping (for Bulgaria)
  • 10% discount for order values over 153.40 EUR (350 BGN) + Free shipping (for Bulgaria)

This rule does not apply to products of the Okuma, St.Croix, Igloo, Coleman, Colmic, Herakles, Trabucco, Jack Fin, Xorus, Veniard, Dragon Fishing, Sea Spin, Duel, Yo-Zuri, M&W, Yamashita, Megabass, ZetZ - Anglers Republic, Golden Mean, Seaguar, Tenryu, Studio Ocean Mark, Prox Inc., Evergreen Fishing, Poseidon, Jigging Master, DUO, Seafloor Control, Blue Blue Fishing, Meiho, Angler's Support Service (A.S.S.), Accel, Shimano, Shimano JDM, Daiwa, Xesta, Decoy, Shout, Smith, Olympic Graphiteleader, Varivas and other Japanese brands.

III. Category “UNDER WATER”:

  • For order values over 300 BGN - Free Delivery
  • For orders of at least 2 products with value over 1000 BGN - 8% discount + Free shipping (for Bulgaria)
  • For orders of at least 2 products with value over 3000 BGN - 10% discount + Free shipping (for Bulgaria)
  • For orders of at least 2 products with value over 5000 BGN - 15% discount + Free shipping (for Bulgaria)

IV. Category “SONARS” (sub-category of “Sonars”):

  • All sonars and GPS Combos are sent by Free shipping (for Bulgaria)

V. Category “SALE”:

  • For order values over 300 BGN - Free Shipping (for Bulgaria)

The rule DOES NOT APPLY to Boats, Motors and Sonars on promotional sale.

  • Discounts for any amounts of the order are not available as the prices of the products are already reduced.

Exceptions from this rule are possible when seasonal or holiday promotional campaigns are there (Christmas, winter and other discounts), and their conditions will be posted explicitly.