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About Us

The shop for online trade© is established in the early 2005 year as a natural stage in the development of “Ribar” shop – Burgas.

The dynamically progressing market and the increasing demand for quality goods and services are the basic statement of reasons for the constant improvement of our team’s work.

Our main goal is to content the requirements of even the most fastidious client with European standards of quality of service.

We dispose of stock which in case of emergency guarantees a delivery within 24 hours throughout the territory of the whole country!

Our advantage is our store in Burgas which gives you the possibility to see and test various products live. We have good practice in processing orders made but received at the stand.

Through our phone numbers you can get professional consultations about your proper choice and usage and also get answers about the availability of products and their features.


Магазин Аква Спорт Бургас


Риболовни макари в магазин Аква Спорт Бургас

Риболовни калъфи за въдици в магазин Аква Спорт Бургас


Риболовни аксесоари в магазин Аква Спорт Бургас

Риболовни въдици в магазин Аква Спорт Бургас


Извънбордови мотори в магазин Аква Спорт Бургас




Неопреново облекло в магазин Аква Спорт Бургас

Плавници и маски в магазин Аква Спорт Бургас