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Seac Sub AZZURRA MAN 5mm Neoprene

Code: 806103 | Rating: Rating: 08
Seac Sub AZZURRA MAN 5mm Neoprene
Price: €128.53
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The ideal one-piece for first experiences.
This one-piece with rear zipper in 5mm is comfortable and features all the technical characteristics necessary to make a novice’s first dives pleasant.
KNEE & ELBOW PROTECTION: the materials used to reinforce the elbows and knees were selected to maximize the protection of SEAC suits in the most delicate points subject to wear.
DOUBLE CUFF SYSTEM: Smooth skin and zipper system to ensure maximum seal and comfort at the wrists and ankles.
Anatomical cut: the special pre-formed and pre-inclined anatomical cut of the SEAC suits allows perfect body-suit adherence and seal.

  • Outer lining: Nylon
  • Inner lining: Fine Plush
  • Zipper: YKK
  • Wrists and ankles: dual cone with zipper and Smooth Skin
  • Shoulders and knees: Powertex reinforcements
  • Hood: Nо


Brand: Seac Sub
Thickness: 5 mm
Type : Man
Type: Mono Suit

by Velichko Novakov, 28 Aug 2015

Костюма е много удобен и плътен ,а покритието от вътрешната му страна е много меко .Създава чувството за комфорт .Подсилините зони на коленете и лактите са от много здрав плат и наистина предпазват от удари .Екипа е перфектен за цената си .

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