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Home LURESDUO Realis Microdon 88S

DUO Realis Microdon 88S

Price: €25.05
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  • Model:
    Microdon 88S
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  • Body Length:
    8.8 cm
  • Weight:
    5.9 g
  • Hooks:
  • Technique:
    Spinning | Casting
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DUO Realis Microdon 88S | Jointed Swimbait

Advanced allure power to trigger hunger at any hour!

To effectively harness the attraction power of a live bait fish, Realis needed a compact jointed lure for an effortless natural swimming action.

The Microdon has a lipless structure to maintain a horizontal posture without leaning forward. The lipless design body has a fixed tungsten weight at the front that stabilizes the lure and keeps the natural horizontal posture. The body is made up of four parts with three joints that enable the Microdon to bend and move like a real baitfish. The four-piece joint body will create a mesmerizing natural action when it moves through the water.

The attraction power of real baitfish has been embodied in the compact 88mm Realis Microdon. The body curve and short left to right movement imitate the darting and panicking action of baitfish. The body shape, movement and fall speed also effectively imitate a breathless struggling baitfish.

  • Type: Sinking (Fixed Weight)
  • Length: 88mm
  • Weight: 5.9 gr
  • Hooks: #8

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