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Carp Zoom Method Wafters 9mm

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  • Model:
    Method Wafters
  • Diameter:
    9 mm
  • Packing:
    13 g
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Carp Zoom Feeder Competition Method Wafters 9mm

The popularity of the wafters, the critically-balanced hook baits has been growing constantly. Rightly, since even the most watchful fish can be tricked with it.

Method Wafters have less buoyancy than the traditional pop ups but this is their main advantage.

The blood-like cloud released helps the fish to find the bait.

In addititon, Carp Zoom used high quality colourants, aromas and enhancers at an optimum level to ensure an outburst of colour and flavour cloud when hitting the water.

Highly recommended if there is hardly any catch or on competitions. For the best result use it with hair rig or bait spike.

Carp Zoom Method Wafters is available in the two sizes - 6mm and 9mm.

  • Diameter: 9mm
  • Packing: 13g

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Angola х х  
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Benin х х  
Bhutan х х  
Bonaire х х  
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Bouvet Island х х  
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Cambodia х х  
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Curaçao х х  
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Czech Republic х х х
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Equatorial Guinea х х  
Estonia х х х
Ethiopia х х  
Finland х х х
France х х х
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Germany х х х
Ghana х х  
Greece  х by surface only х
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Iceland х х  
India х х х
Indonesia х х  
Iran х by surface only  
Iraq х х  
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Italy х х х
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Lithuania х х х
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Madagascar х х  
Malaysia х х х
Maldives х х  
Mali х х  
Malta х х x
Mexico х х х
Moldova х х  
Monaco х х  
Montenegro х х х
Morocco х х  
Mozambique х х  
Namibia х х  
Netherlands х х х
New Zeland х х х
Nigeria х х  
North Korea х х  
North Macedonia  х by surface only х
Norway х х х
Pakistan х х  
Philippines х х х
Poland х х х
Portugal х х х
Qatar х х х
Republic of the Congo х х  
Romania х х х
Russia х х х
Rwanda х х  
Saudi Arabia х х  
Senegal х х  
Serbia х by surface only х
Singapore х х х
Slovakia х х х
Slovenia х х х
South Africa х х х
South Korea х х х
Spain х х х
Sri Lanka х х  
Svalbard and Jan Mayen х х  
Sweden  х х х
Switzerland х х х
Taivan х х  
Tanzania х х  
Thailand  х х х
Togo х х  
Tunisia  х х  
Turkey  х by surface only х
Ukraine х х х
United Arab Emirates х х  
United Kingdom of Great Britan  and Northern Ireland х х х
Uruguay х х  
USA registered and non registered items with priority
/correspondence shipments, small packages, printed materials, secograms/
only by air х
Uzbekistan х х  
Vietnam х х  
Zambia х х  


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