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M&W Leaf Jig 60g

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    60 g
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M&W Leaf Jig 60g
M&W Leaf Jig 60gM&W Leaf Jig 60gM&W Leaf Jig 60gM&W Leaf Jig 60gM&W Leaf Jig 60gM&W Leaf Jig 60M&W Leaf Jig 60

M & W Leaf Jig is a highly effective action with UV and / or Glow colors that you can use in shore jigging, technical vertical slow jigging prey. You can enjoy the predators such as bonito, torik, akya and barracuda in middle water hunts, and sea bass, loupe, kofana v.s fish from the shore.
Especially in 'Slow Jigging' hunts made from the body, specially designed 'Slow Jigging' canes should be preferred to provide the right jig action.

Fatty Jig Features:

  • Made of high strength lead alloy.
  • Has a perfect gloss in color.
  • It has a distinctive feature in darkness with UV and / or Glow characteristics.
  • Environment-friendly and durable oil-varnish is used.
  • It is thin, long and symmetrical.
  • Has a very realistic action.
  • Dive speed is slow

M&W adds the high-tech material--rare earth addition into its newly produced metal lures.As ultraviolet rays penetrate through the ocean water onto the lures, the lures reflect strong UV light.The UV light wil always tremendously stimulate the aggressive desire of those firece fishes.


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