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How to place an order

Dear Clients,

The software platform for e-commerce AKVASPORT.COM is created to facilitate the procedure of delivering of orders. The most easy, quick and reliable way to order the appropriate products is to place an order using the customary procedure.

The customary procedure for placing an order consists of several simple steps.

I. Choosing a product category:

Choosing product category in online shop

1. Point with the cursor on the Menu with dropdown categories and choose

Choosing product subcategory in online shop



2. Inside the list of products you can:

a) Sort products by relevance, by price or by product name 

b) Filter products by various criteria – brand, type, price, parameters, and features

c) Add a product in the shopping cart

Sort and filter products in online shop




II. How to review and add a product in the shopping cart:

1. Clicking on a certain product will open the product page:

2. Important fields on the product page:

a) Trademark/name of the product producer

b) Catalogue/promotional price of the product

c) Indication of the availability of the product

d) A field in which the required quantity of the product is to be inserted in and a BUTTON FOR ADDING TO THE SHOPPING CART

e) Dropdown menu for choosing an option (color, size, etc.)

Product page view in online shop





3. Review of the contents of the shopping cart:

a) Button for returning to the products listing and adding more 

b) Field for changing the quantity of the ordered products 

c) Button for removing a product from the cart

d) Unit price of the product with calculated discount

e) Total amount of the order with calculated discount but with shipping cost NOT INCLUDED 

IMPORTANT: In order to calculate (and visualize) the shipping cost it is necessary to input an address. It is not possible to activate the module for calculating of the shipping cost without having an address input even if you gain a Free Delivery as a discount. 


View shopping cart in online shop






III. Finalizing/completing of the order

1. After pushing the button “Order” shipping details will be required. You have opportunity to choose of 3 ways:

a) Creating a new personal profile (registration) – a single time filling your details in  

b) As a guest – you fill in your details every time you complete an order 

c) Using a profile you have already created (registration) – you have already filled your details in

Choosing Billing and Shipping Methods in online shop


IMPORTANT: One and the same form of details is to be filled in in both cases – NEW REGISTRATION and GUEST! 





2. Details for a new profile (registration) and/or address for receiving.

a) Fill in your personal details having in mind that the fields marked with a red star are required 

b) Leave the tick in the field “The address for delivery is the same” if the addresses coincide.

If you want to receive the shipment on an address which is different from the address of registration, please remove the tick and fill in the fields.


Personal data input form in online shop





3. Methods of payment and delivery:

a) Choosing a payment method - currently the only way is Cash on Delivery. In this method you pay the employee of the courier company who delivered the shipment to you or in the courier office if you have addressed it as general delivery “From the office” of the courier.

b) Choosing a delivery method:

- "To a door" to an address pointed out by the recipient. This requires that there must be someone at the specified address! When choosing the address of delivery you are completely free according to how and when you or someone you trust are able to meet the courier, accept the shipment and pay the cash on delivery. You can address either to a home or to an officiary address, even to the address you are going to spend your holidays at. 

AkvaSport Ltd has signed a contract with Econt Express about a discount of 20% for the price of the basic service for its clients. 

- "To the office" of the courier company. Econt Express has the most developed network of offices in Bulgaria. To facilitate their customers they have worked out a comfortable module for visualization and choosing of the most convenient office for the client. The access to this module is available from the button “Choose an office of Econt”.

You can order a big part of the products in AKVASPORT.COM with Free Delivery which applies to Econt’s type of deliveries "To the office". 

c) You can inset Additional notes and instructions about the processing of the order in the field which opens by ticking “Additional Instructions?” 

Choosing billing and shipping method in online shop





4. Completing/Sending the order:

a) Field with sums - Net payment amount, Shipping cost (payable to the courier) and Total payment amount (amount of the goods + amount for the delivery)

b) Tick for agreement with the Conditions of Use of

IMPORTANT: You will NOT be able send an order without having ticked the box “I agree to the Terms and Conditions”. 

If you haven’t read them previously in section “Conditions of Use” you can read them here, too. 

c) Button for sending the order.

Finalizing and sending order in online shop




IV. The order is sent!

By pushing the “Finalize Order” button your order is completed and submitted for implementation to AKVASPORT.COM!

The order receives an unique number in the database of AKVASPORT.COM, having saved all the data concerning its contents and the conditions of its implementation.

You (as a Client) and an employee of AKVASPORT.COM, receive e-mails with the number of the order, the data of its contents and the conditions of implementation.

After this last step, expect AKVASPORT.COM to get in contact with you to confirm the validity of the order, the availability of the ordered products and the conditions of implementation.  

IMPORTANT: You can always change the contents and the conditions of implementation of the order after it is sent! You can send an e-mail and we will make the negotiated corrections for you.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us using the details in the “Contact” section!