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Сийгар - винаги най-добрият флуорокарбон!

In 1966, Mr. Ishii, a Chemical Engineer employed in the researcher division of Kureha, Japan, and Mr. Yoshida, and avid angler working in the Patent Department of Kureha, Japan, noticed that the attributes of Fluorocarbon were ideally suited to fishing line. The men saw that Fluorocarbon is less absorbant than nylon monofilament, impervious to UV rays, high-density and nearly invisible underwater. They knew early on...Fluorocarbon would revolutionize fishing line! And so the two men applied for a patent, which was granted and registered in 1969.

That year Kureha launched its Fluorocarbon Development Project. The committee was staffed with 40 Kureha employees but its primary purpose was to develop Fluorocarbon film for capacitors and to formulate Fluorocarbon enhanced exterior paint, in order to harness its chemical and UV ray resistance. Development of Fluorocarbon fishing line suffered budget losses at the hands of these other priorities, but Mr. Ishii, now an avid angler himself, and Mr. Yoshida were passionate and determined. The two men continued to focus on line development but had use only of older equipment which failed and had to be repaired many times before they could continue the process.

Kureha had mastered the process of extracting only the highest-caliber Fluorocarbon crystal from which the leader and line resin is derived; it would be several years, however, before Kureha succeeded in extruding the resin properly to create Fluorocarbon fishing line that met the performance traits desired. Many engineers employed by Kureha contributed significantly to the development process but it was Mr. Hiroshi Sato and Mr. Ohhira who picked up for Mr.Ishii and Mr.Yoshida to tenaciously pursue the development of Fluorocarbon fishing line of only the highest standards. Several successful experiments and tests were conducted along the way to verify the properties and benefits of Fluorocarbon vs. other fishing line products. These milestones kept the project alive and won the support of executive management.

Finally, once quality standards had been established, once the production technology and equipment had been perfected and put in place in a new factory large enough to support the extrusion process, Kureha introduced Seaguar Fluorocarbon Fishing Line to attendees of the 1972 Osaka Fishing Tackle Exhibition. Anglers were impressed by its invisibility and high-density which allows the line to sink faster, providing less suspicious and more immediate access to the strike zone.




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