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Home LURESUgly Duckling Sinking 3.3сm

Ugly Duckling Sinking 3.3сm

  • Code:
  • Model:
    UD 3-S
  • Version:
  • Body Length:
    3.3 cm
  • Weight:
    3.0 g
  • Hooks:
  • Technique:
  • Running Depth Spinning:
    0.30 m
  • Running Depth Trolling:
    1.5 m
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Ugly Duckling Sinking 3.3сm
Ugly Duckling Sinking 3.3сmUgly Duckling Sinking 3.3сm

Cast small 3 cm Ugly Duckling wobbler when all else fails. Before you pack your gear, rub your frozen hands together and try again. If you know where they are, wobble it in front of their eyes! You'll see that they can hardly resist. And when you get a strong bite on size 2 ... well. it is not unusual to be taken by surprise. A palette of size 2 through 5 let’s you search the water for finicky fish. While small, they still retain all the basic features one can ask for. Intensive vibration, diving depth and weight required for long and accurate casting.

These lures sink slowly to stay long enough in the sight of predator and allow you to control the depth of your retrieve. They dive deep when you hold the tip of your rod near the water surface. However, they respond quickly to changes. Therefore the diving depths of our lures are widely specified. Sensitive to your rod-tip position, they will follow your actions and inevitably give your the prestige and satisfaction of success. What else? Yes - they are designed for solid hook sets and secure landing. Two WMC trebles will make all your worries go away.

Anywhere, anytime, any predatory fish. Keep some in your pocket for those unexpected occasions and rivers you encounter for the very first time.