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Dynabait Dried Mussels

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Dynabait Dried Mussels
Dynabait Dried Mussels

Dynabait offers anglers conveniently packaged and ready to fish freeze dried worms (polychaetes), 100% All Natural Earthworms! All of the natural hormones, enzymes, amino acids and live worm flavor are retained in the drying process.

FISH LOVE WORMS!!! - Hands down worms are the best bait for catching the widest variety of fish in both fresh and saltwater. Fish can't resist the smell and taste of worms but moreover worms are easy for fish to eat. Worms are defenseless and very poor swimmers (they burrow for protection). Worms are high in protein and easy to digest making them a fish's favorite food after a long winter. Worms are very easy prey and because of this many time worms will get a bite when many other bait will not.

DYNABAIT IS CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE!!! - Simply open the package and re-hydrate the worms with a small amount of water (salt or fresh). Now they are ready to use. The worms can also be used (baited) in their dry state, leaving them to re-hydrate while in the water fishing. These worms have a tougher feel because they are dry but they are still easy to thread onto a hook. Dynabait Dried worms can be stored for over two years so make sure you have a pack in your tackle box, on the boat and in the glove box so you will be ready for use anytime you need it.

Live bait worms are harvested on shallow flats. Due to the tremendous demand the species have an enormous pressure. Dynabait is at the forefront of the sustainable worm future, farming their supply. Dynabait worms are harvested from sustainable aquaculture production and are 100% natural and pathogen free product. Please note that polychaetes (sometimes referred to as bristle worms) are a class of annelid (ringed worms) marine worms. There are 10,000 species in this class.

Net weight: 5 g