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Home LURESRapala CountDown Jointed 9cm

Rapala CountDown Jointed 9cm

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  • Model:
  • Version:
  • Body Length:
    9 cm
  • Weight:
    11 g
  • Running Depth Spinning:
    1.5 m
  • Running Depth Trolling:
    2.5 m
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Rapala CountDown Jointed 9cm
Rapala CountDown Jointed 9cm

Jointed Count Down is a model of the unique series of Count Down Rapala. Techniques for catching fish are identical to those used in the classic model with the difference that has Jointed extreme sensitivity even at the slightest pull of the rod tip or skimming the fiber.

Suitable for spring fishing in the shallows where the water warms up soon and attracts fish. Very successful method of using bait immediately after the fall and water to rob the train and to make contact with her. While sinking counted thus: "one thousand and one ... one thousand and two ... one thousand and three, etc." When you reach the bottom number to remember what you got. The next roll, try decreasing the number one or two positions before tightening. This will make sure that the bait is moving just above the ground or above the algae. When fishing in the river lure casting slightly upstream, let me have time to sink freely without any tension and start winding when the desired depth is reached.

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