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Mepps Trout Tandem Gold

Code: 400651
Price: €3.50
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The flexable axel of the Mepps Trout Tandem gives the lure an upmost fulidity of movement. In better conformity with the natural swimming pattern of the prey fishThis very suppleness increases significantly the trigging effect of the tandem as it allows the angles to subtly vary and adapt its fishing action. Morover it makes almost impossible for the fish to get unhooked through a twisting action onto a stiff point as it often does with stiff lures. The 2 blades works in harmony. They amplify vibrations with out disturbing the confirmity of the freequency emited. They increase optical signals without making the excessive. They optimise the target signal and give an excellent pulsating action without exaggerating resistance.

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Weight 3.5 g 6.5 g 10 g


Brand: Mepps

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