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Eco MP3 player dynamo POWERplus Verio

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Eco MP3 player dynamo POWERplus Verio
Eco MP3 player dynamo POWERplus Verio

POWERplus® introduces the Verio, a dynamo and rechargeable MP3 player with integrated flashlight and mobile phone charger. No more dead batteries while playing your favorite songs; just wind up the Verio for 1 minute to listen to your songs for 15-20 minutes. Also included is a USB and mains charger for when electricity is available. The Verio comes with 1 GB internal memory to ensure that you always have a huge music library available on this compact and rugged MP3 player.


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USB 2.0

EMS memory Flash memory 1 GB  
MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF The max. output of earphone 30 Mw
  MP3 bit rate 32-250 Kbps
  SNR (Signal Noise Ratio) 85 db
  Frequency response 20HZ–20 KHZ


Operating temp. -5 to 55 Celsius degree  -5 to 55 Celsius degree
Battery 130 mAh / 3.7V
File formats FAT or FAT32
Music formats MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, OGG
Supported systems Windows XP / ME /2000 / 98
Winding to charge the internal battery 4.2V (range within 0.1V) / 550mA (range within 50 mA)
Winding to charge external devices 4.2V (range within 0.1V) / 350mA (range within 30 mA)
Wind up for 1 minute Provides music for about 15-20 minutes
Wind up to charge mobile phone 3 min. Provides 10 minutes talking time for average mobile phone
Wind up for 1 minute Provides LED light for about 50 minutes
Fully charged Provides music for about 4 hours