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Mepps Giant Marabou Copper Red

Code: 920573
Price: €11.62
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Mepps Marabous will catch a variety of gamefish. Its wide #5 Colorado blade brings the Mepps Marabou close to the surface during the retrieve, making these spinners ideal for fishing over weeds, or those times when the lure should just break the surface as its blade spins.A marabou tail also provides additional benefits. Marabou in the water has distinctly different characteristics than bucktail. Vibrant colors are easier to achieve when dying marabou. The real difference, however, is in the action and pulsation of marabou. That unruly, fluffy puff of feathers becomes "magic" under water. It is so fine and soft that each revolution of the blade makes the marabou pulsate and appear to come alive.

Weight 22 g


Brand: Mepps

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