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Home LURESRapala Trolls To Minnow 8cm

Rapala Trolls To Minnow 8cm

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  • Body Length:
    8 cm
  • Weight:
    10 g
  • Hooks:
    Two No. 5
  • Technique:
  • Running Depth Trolling:
    3 m
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Rapala Trolls To Minnow 8cm
Rapala Trolls To Minnow 8cmRapala Trolls To Minnow 8cmRapala Trolls To Minnow 8cm
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The concept is simple. And so is fishing them. Engineered to troll at specific target zones. Simply let out 30 meters of 0.30 mm mono and at 3 knots the lures dive to the pre-determined depth as stated on the name (in feet).
Flat sides create a fast-working, shimmering action. The advance lip design combined with the body shape allow for surprisingly low resistance or pull. The balsa-bodied Trolls-To Minnow also feature an internal rattle for added attraction.

The formula is simple: the Trolls-To Minnow will dive to its specified running depth when trolled with 30 meters of 0.30 mm mono at 3 knos. The swimming depth is stated in feet, so Trolls-To Minnow 10 will dive to 10 feet / 3 meters, TTM15 to 15 feet / 4.5 meter and TTM 20 to 20 feet / 6 meters.
Varying the speed and line diameter/length allows for deeper or shallower presentation. Shorter line restricts the swimming depth and faster speed keeps the lure closer to the surface. If you feel the need to go deeper, slow down a bit, let more line out or change to a smaller diameter Sufix braided line. A Sufix braided line with the equaling breaking strength as the 0.30 mm mono will allow approximately 25% deeper presentation, depending on the length of line out and the trolling speed.