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Power Pro Hi-Vis Yellow

Code: 927071
Diameter, mm:
Price: €23.03
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EZ Spool - Spooling is a breeze!
  • Spool directly from the box
  • Built-in cutter
  • Package protects the remaining line
  • Arbor tape included
  • Color of cartridge matches line color
Most people choose color based on personal preferences, but for fishermen, color is a necessity. Each application requires a specific color line. Anglers decide on the color lure they will throw, and should also be selective with the color of line to use in each application.

This color is ideal for water types ranging from glacial and high run off river systems to all oceanic regions of the world. Green is also suited for fishing in clear lakes to lakes that have large algae blooms. Because green is similar to many bio organisms, it will "blend-in" to the background of the typical surroundings with which a fish is familiar.

Diameter, mm Breaking, kg
0.10 5.0
0.13 8.0
0.15 9.0
0.19 13.0
0.23 15.0
0.28 20.0
0.32 24.0
0.36 30.0
0.41 40.0
0.43 48.0


Brand: Power Pro
Line Type: Braided / PE
Line Length: 135 m
Line purpose: Main Line

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