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Van den Eynde DE Super Cup

Code: 320188
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A fairly lightweight mix which is a ideal canal or small lake groundbait, giving a good cloud effect, particularly when mixed sloppy for fishing on the drop. It has a strong sweet aroma, which is appealing to both bream and carp, so it can also be used effectively with the swimfeeder on lakes or slow moving rivers. It mixes well with all other Van Den Eynde groundbaits.

1. 1 part Supercup, 1 part Special. This is the ultimate summer time canal mix for maximum cloud effect when fishing squats and pinkies.

2. 1 Supercup, 1Secret, ½ Vanille. An excellent all round groundbait for bream, carp and tench fisheries.

3. 1 Supercup, ½ Brasem. A brilliant attractor of skimmers on stillwaters and slow shallow rivers.

1. For best results, place groundbait and additives in a round mixing bowl.
2. Blend the dry ingredients thoroughly before adding water.
3. Add water slowly whilst vigorously stirring the mix together. This procedure is made easier with a sponge, which allows even distribution of water.
4. The use of a round groundbait bowl means there are no corners to trap and leave dry groundbait.
5. When the mix begins to appear adequately dampened set it aside for 5-10 minutes.
6. You should find after 10 minutes the mix will require a little more water before it's ready for use.
7. If you are using damp leam add it to the mixture now, and not earlier.


Brand: Marcel Van Den Eynde
Weight, kg: 1.000 kg
Purpose: Groundbait

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