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Mares Abyss 22 regulator

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Mares Abyss 22 regulator
Mares Abyss 22 regulator

The Regulator That Has Beaten Every Record

Record-Setting Performance

  • All-Metal Technology
  • INPP Certified for Heliox and Trimix
  • New tri-material valve with superior durability

    Abyss deserves its notoriety for reliability proven by these recent diving records:
  • Deep Solo Dive: - 313 m Mark Ellyat, December 2003
  • 101 Divers: South Africa 101 divers breathed simultaneously for 40 minutes from a single MR22 first stage at a depth of 1.4 m
  • 25 Divers/40m: 25 Divers at a depth of 40m breathed simultaneously from an MR22 first stage for 10 minutes
  • Equipped with the revolutionary new tri-material valve
  • VAD system provides natural breathing
  • Earned reputation for performance and reliability

    Tested by the Notified Body INPP of Marseilles with binary (Heliox) and ternary (Trimix) mixtures to a depth of 100 m, and the results are compliant with the recommendations of European Regulation EN 250.