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Home BOATSSelva PA 460 AL inflatable boat

Selva PA 460 AL inflatable boat

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    79.5 kg
  • Length, cm:
    456.5 cm
  • Width:
    200 cm
  • Tube diameter, cm:
    48.5 cm
  • Carrying capacity:
    1400 kg
  • Max. power of engine:
    40 hp
  • Floorl Type:
  • Chambers:
  • Passenger Capacity:
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Selva PA 460 AL inflatable boat
Selva PA 460 AL inflatable boat

All the boats of the Plain Air Line are made in a fabric formed by a polyester structure clad on both sides in PVC. Not only is it completely water-proof, but this material is also resistant to scratches and petrol. The convenience of being “completely demountable” in this case is synonymous with safety.



Main features  
People carrying 8
Recommended power cv (Max) 40
O.A. length. cm 456.5
Max beam cm 200
Max carrying Kg 1400
Technical features  
Dry weight (motor, accessories and liquids excluded) Kg 79.5
Type of hull Detachable with aluminium floor and inflatable keel
Hull internal colour Grey
Hull external colour Grey
Motor max weight, kg 67
Colour of tubular structure Grey / Blue
Tubular diameter cm 48.5
Transom height cm 40
N° of compartments 3+1
Max carrying Kg 1400
Inflating pressure atm Tube 0.25 - Keel 0.35
Max appl. power HP (kW) 40 (29.4)
EC standard design category C
Floor area m2 2.687
O.A. length. cm 456.4
Max beam cm 200
People carrying 8
Warranty 2 years