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Van den Eynde Supercarp Fishmeal

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Van den Eynde Supercarp Fishmeal
Van den Eynde Supercarp Fishmeal
Supercarp groundbait is the most advanced groundbait ever developed specifically for carp. It's slow meltdown properties and instant and prolonged activity on the bottom can attract even shy feeders to your hookbait. This easy mix recipe, specifically formulated for carp, allows you to use it conjunction with your favourite Van Den Eynde hookbait. Using only the finest, highly palatable ingredients, Supercarp grounbait is a rich source of vegetable-origin proteins, 60% of the natural feed of carp.The contents have been strictly regulated to suit the metabolism of all carp species. Designed for use in British waters, Supercarp groundbait is easy to mix and very effective.

All the ingredients in Supercarp bait products have been specifically formulated to provide balanced nutrition for carp and other coarse species. Development of this range in conjunction with leading aquaculturists and fish nutrition and health experts has ensured that all Supercarp products are properly balanced in protein and oils, 100% natural and totally free from harmful colourants or preservatives..

Carpstimm a proven fish appetite stimulator (containing betaine and amino acid ) is also included in the formulation. This unique additive acts synergistically to optimise feed intake and result in a more active and prolonged feeding response. Supercarp products not only assist in the angler's quest for greater catches of quality carp but also benefit the carp itself by providing a valuable, balanced source of nutrition.
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