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Home LURESDUO Terrif DC-9 Bullet

DUO Terrif DC-9 Bullet

Price: €19.02
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  • Model:
    Terrif DC-9 Bullet
  • Version:
  • Body Length:
    9 cm
  • Weight:
    15 g
  • Range:
    20 - 50 cm
  • Hooks:
    #SPMH 4
  • Technique:
    Spinning | Casting
  • Made in :
  • Saltwater Usage:
    ✔️ OK
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DUO Terrif DC-9 Bullet

The strategic shallow model

The Terrif DC9 Bullet is a lure specifically designed for the shallows. The later attached lip makes it possible to trace a 40 cm range of depth consistently, whether reeling in fast or slow. In addition to its great castability, it is a great ‘search bait’ to efficiently explore an extensive area.

Technique 1: Simply reeling in

  • The DC9 has an action pattern similar to minnows. It has the water resistance that lipless models lack and is an easy-to-use model for beginners. It is most productive when naturally drifting in the current, and it will maintain its range even when swimming against the current.

Technique 2: High speed retrieving

  • With a well-balanced body design and magnet-assisted weight system, the DC9 responds well even when reeled in at high speed. DUO have made it possible for anglers to retrieve at speeds where lipped minnows tend to dive too deep and lipless minnows jump out of the water’s surface.

Technique 3: Twitching

  • With some rod work, it is possible for anglers to make the lure mimic ‘darting’ movements. This is usually the most productive method in shallow areas during day time. 


  • Type: Slow Floating (Magnet Assisted Weight)
  • Length: 90 mm
  • Weight: 15 gr
  • Depth: 20 - 50 cm
  • Hooks: #SPMH 4

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