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Filstar Premium Carp Wafters 14mm

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    Premium Carp Wafters
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    50 g
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    14 mm
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Filstar Premium Carp Wafters 14mm.

High-class Wafters from the Premium Carp series by Filstar, containing attractants and stimulants that make them easily detectable and desired by trophy specimens. They are extremely balanced and have a neutral buoyancy, which provokes the curiosity of carp. Wafters Premium Carp provide a perfect balance, have a strong and long-lasting aroma and give an advantage in attracting fish

  • Available in convenient jars with screw caps, which contain 50 g.
  • Wafters with diameters of 14 mm.
  • A wafter should float, but sink slowly with the weight of a hook attached. This critically balances the wafter and makes it waft. Because it wafts when a fish is feeding, it will rise up more quickly than a standard bottom bait into the fish's mouth resulting in more hooked fish.
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