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Shimano 16 PLAYS 3000

  • Code:
  • Model:
    Plays 3000
  • Weight:
    685 g
  • Ball Bearings:
  • Gear Ratio:
    3.9 :1
  • Line Retrieve:
    70 cm
  • Max Drag:
    15 kg
  • Handle Lenght:
    75 mm
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Shimano 16
Shimano 16"PLAYS 3000Shimano 16"PLAYS 3000Shimano 16"PLAYS 3000Shimano 16"PLAYS 3000Shimano 16"PLAYS 3000Shimano 16"PLAYS 3000Shimano 16"PLAYS 3000Shimano 16"PLAYS 3000

Shimano 16"PLAYS 3000


Brush motor using a powerful neodymium magnet Brush motor adopting neodymium magnet with the largest magnetic force at room temperature. It exerts higher performance than a motor using a general plastic magnet. 

Fire Mach Machine System - High spool-free performance with spool-in motor

When it comes to the 3000th class electric reel, "Spool in motor" which incorporates the motor in the spool is reasonable in design. However, maintaining the spool-free performance is somewhat more difficult than "spool-out motor" which does not incorporate a motor in the spool. Therefore, it is the Fire Mach system that exerts its power. By placing the S A - RB bearing in place, we got a high level, free performance that rotates with a load of only 3 g as an electric reel of a spool - in motor.

Musical mode / constant speed mode - Two windings on Shimano's electric reel

"Kagura mode" winds up while always maintaining a constant tension according to the load applied to the reel. Therefore it is effective for fish to prevent Harris shortage and fish mouth break and eat up. "Speed constant mode" keeps constant speed regardless of the load applied to the reel, and winds up. It is effective when you want to increase slow winding or winding power at constant speed.

Fine dot LCD

The display changes depending on the function to be used Dot liquid crystal with excellent visibility and operability. The simple and easy-to-see operation screen changes its display depending on the function to be used.

  • Spool size (Diameter mm - stroke mm) - 57/46 
  • Electric speed (m/min) - up to 190 m/min A total 31 shifts 
  • PE thread winding amount (No. - m) - 4-400, 5-350, 6-300, 8-200 
  • Spool Lower winding line (PE - m) - 5 - 300
  • Shimano winding force - 50 kg
  • Practical winding endurance - 6 kg
  • Maximum speed - 190 m/min
  • Practical hoisting speed - 1kg load 162 m/min
  • Practical hoisting speed - 2kg load 149 m/min
  • Practical hoisting speed - 3kg load 140 m/min