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Home HOOKSOwner STX-45ZN treble hooks

Owner STX-45ZN treble hooks

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Owner STX 45 ZN trebles
Owner STX 45 ZN treblesOwner STX 45 ZNOwner STX-45ZN treble hooksOwner Trebles Weight
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Owner STX 45 ZN Treble Hook

STX 45 ZN trebles are 2X+ strong, yet weigh and same size as the ST-36. Made from Owner's TAFF Wire / Zō Wire ™, so the points are slightly harder and hold up longer. Perfect as replacements for inferior "factory" trebles found on many brands of plugs and spoons used for pike, bass, and many inshore species. Features include forged shanks, Super Needle Points, and a corrosion resistant "shadow finish."

Featuring a 2X+ power construction and Owner’s exclusive Zo Wire, the STX-45 Treble Hooks deliver a 20% smaller diameter than standard steel wire treble hooks for unmatched strength and unbeatable hook penetration. Zo Wire is also a much harder and denser material than standard steel so the Super Needle Point’s stay sharper for a longer period of time.

  • Packing: 6-8 hooks
  • Made in Japan