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Sabiki X4 Raglou 65mm

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Bluefish rig
Bluefish rigSabiki X4 Raglou 65mmTrolling for rig bluefish

Trolling rig for Bluefish with wobbler

  • 4 pieces Ragot Raglou 65mm
  • Duel H.D. Carbon PRO 100S Fluorocarbon, branch/main line: 0.33 / 0.37 mm

The design of bluefish sabiki rig X4 Raglou 65mm is a result of many years of experience in bluefish trolling in Black Sea.

Ragot Raglou is one of the most effective lures for sea predators! The caudal deflector emits powerful vibrations perceived by the side line of the predator. These vibrations cause the aggressiveness of predators.

Duel H.D. Carbon PRO 100S fluorocarbon is practically invisible under water and increases the number of bites. Its hardness improves the efficiency of sabiki rig.

The sabiki rig X4 Raglou 65mm is proven effective in trolling with wobbler for Bluefish.

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