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Sonubaits Fin Perfect Feed

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sonubaits Fin Perfect Feed
sonubaits Fin Perfect Feedsonubaits Fin Perfect Feedsonubaits Fin Perfect FeedSonubaits Fin Perfect FeedSonubaits Fin Perfect FeedSonubaits Fin Perfect Feed
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The concept of pulling fish in from a wide area and keeping them in the swim without overfeeding them is a long-established principle and using Andy Findlay’s massive experience on the commercial circuit we believe we have created the ultimate pellets for the job.

Laced with water soluble attractants and providing a nutritionally balanced carp diet the Fin Perfect feed pellets are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8mm sizes to cater for all angling situations, and a new 1mm.

Our feed pellets can be used straight from the bag or can be softened in water and compressed onto a method or into an open ended feeder to give versatility of presentation for any angling situation.

  • Package: 650g
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