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GFT Carbonio Aero fins Medium

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gft Carbonio Aero fins Medium
gft Carbonio Aero fins Mediumgft Carbonio Aero fins Mediumgft Carbonio Aero fins Medium

GFT Carbonio Aero HF Medium

The hot forming method is the technology by some the world’s manufacturers to improve the process; represents the apex of the production processes, the polymerization takes place by exposing i’azione vacuum in controlled conditions of temperature (responsible for the cure of the resin) in order to minimize the tension of the yarn.

Our policy is to dare, progress, challenge habits to find new ways to improve existing products to the advantage of superior performance.

The ‘Aero’ made of 100% carbon prepreg represent the true evolution of scuba fins, represent the best of what fins can offer apneist more demanding in terms of performance. mechanical strength, fatigue and damage, flexibility and attention to detail.

The ‘Aero’ extremely performing, will optimize the thrust of dall’apneista fins ensuring lower energy consumption.

We have considered jointly with the performance requirements, user requirements, to determine the final configuration of the product.

 These were the criteria analyzed to realize the ‘Aero’:

  • The experience gained in the manufacture of composite materials, fused with a passion for water activities has led us to use advanced technologies in the production of carbon fiber blades 100% prepreg.
  • The study applied to the production process takes into account sectoral parameters such as: Study on the orientation of the fibers, viscosity and percentage of resin with certification issued by the supplier, heat flow, kinetic of the curing process.
  • The introduction of innovative technologies, such as HF TECHNOLOGY (nursing process by vacuum hot forming, to make up for the pre-tension of the yarn), the study of the stratification of the fibers 100% prepreg carbon, and orientation of the plies being anisotropic materials, has allowed the realization of a product having characteristics of resistance to fatigue and damage with an exceptional elastic recovery, and stress concentrations in the center of gravity to contain the maximum torques all with a weight of less than 250 grams for a shovel ‘Aero’ soft.

Much attention has been paid to the aesthetic aspect, with no overlap later films or coatings that could mitigate the mechanical properties.

Aero was designed to obtain the maximum evolution product of scuba fins, guaranteed up to 4 years!

The carbonioGFT ‘Aero’ blades can be realized with specific profiles for assembling them with all the shoes on the market.

In a model of shoes we intervened with structural changes in accordance with the manufacturer to take advantage of ‘Aero’ 100%

Additional changes even in waterails to decrease all the turmoil in bending phase, it will also recognize the color red to mark the area with their use bathymetric over 10 meters that will make the color neutral and preserve the use of the ‘Aero’ only for the discerning who want to fly with them in blue.