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Home LURESOrka - Oskar 6cm

Orka - Oskar 6cm

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  • Body Length:
    6 cm
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Orka - Oskar 6cm
Orka - Oskar 6cmOrka - Oskar 6cmOrka - Oskar 6cmOrka - Oskar 6cmOrka - Oskar 6cmOrka - Oskar 6cmOrka - Oskar 6cmOrka - Oskar 6Orka - Oskar 6Orka - Oskar 6

ORKA OSCAR is a result of many years of experience. Other then wide range of lures with the aggressive vibrations OSCAR is the opposite to its family of SHED lures, its vibrations are minuscule (presents the original movements of the fish) but it still has weight in its tail. The tail construction itself reveals grace and harmony of movement and therefore in the hands of creative (skillful) anglers realistically imitates the movements of lively fish as well as ill or wounded. The construction of the body is evenly balanced with hydro-dynamic line which enables it to even with least weight of the head glides smoothly through the water with the gentle flutter of the body that is dictated by the tail fin. Other then the vibrations OSCAR visually encourages confidence, especially it can’t go unnoticed by the predators. With this lure you can successfully fish Perch, Zender, Pike, Catfish, Asp, Bass..... Depending on the terrain OSCAR requires angler’s presence and faith in him.

  • Length: 6 cm
  • Weight: 2.30 g
  • Code: 4111-OS-6
  • Packing: 5 pieces