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Get detailed chart content for lakes and marine areas - plus receive a 12-month subscription to Freshest Data for updates to the Nautical Charts, new SonarCharts, Community Edits, and more! Simply plug your Navionics Plus chip into your PC/Mac and download the coverage you need from

  • Charts: Everything on one card! Nautical Chart, SonarChart™ and Community Edits.
  • SonarChart™: Enjoy the exclusive high definition layer and upload your sonar logs to build even better local charts for your area.
  • Freshest Data: Take advantage of daily updates. Download Freshest Data free for one year!
  • Coverage: Navionics provides highly detailed marine and lake charts around the world. Choose from a global catalog.
  • Versatile: Navionics+ is a versatile and innovative product. In stores across the world, you may find it either in the partially preloaded or in the fully downloadable versions. In both cases, the Freshest Data service allows you to download marine and lakes content and chart layers with great flexibility for one year.

Want better charts? Go boating!
Get the most up-to-date charts every day. Navionics integrates the sonar logs sent by individual users with existing data to ensure SonarChart becomes more and more precise, even in the ever-changing conditions of sea, lake and river bottoms. Only Navionics accepts sonar logs from all major plotter brands and mobile devices.


Compatible with:

  • Humminbird:
  • Series 1100: 1199CI HD SI, 1199CI HD SI KVD, 1198c SI, 1197, 1159CI HD, 1159CI HD XD, 1159CI HD DI, 1158c, 1158c DI, 1157, 1155
  • Series 900: 999CI HD SI, 999CI HD SI KVD, 998c HD SI, 998, 997, 987, 967, 959CI HD, 959CI HD XD, 959CI HD DI, 958c HD, 958c HD DI, 958, 957, 955, 947, 937, 917
  • Series 800: 899CI HD SI, 898c HD SI, 859CI HD, 859CI HD XD, 859CI HD DI, 858c HD, 858c HD DI, 858
  • Series 700: 798ci HD SI, 798, 797, 788ci HD, 788ci HD DI, 788ci HD Combo CHO, 787, 786, 785, 757, 755
  • Series 600: 698CI HD SI, 698CI HD SI KVD, 688CI HD, 688CI HD DI, 688CI HD XD
  • Series 500: 598ci HD SI, 597ci HD, 597ci HD DI, 597, 587ci HD, 587, 581i, 581, 580
  • Series 300: 398CI SI, 386ci, 385ci , 385, 365i, 365
  • Matrix 97
  • Series ICE: 345c, 385ci, 386CI